Its Possible – with Author Dave Arnold

Its Possible - Dave Arnold

Its Possible – with Dave Arnold

I had the pleasure of Interviewing another one of my Great friends Mr. Dave Arnold. Dave is an Author, Speaker, and Coach. Dave and I have been apart of a Mastermind group now for some time and I can honestly say that ever individual that is apart of this group is doing great things. So now I want to share Dave’s newest book with you. Its Possible, for you and for me if you take the necessary steps. Lets see what Dave has to share with us.

My audience is geared toward the Entrepreneur or the Individual that is looking to become an Entrepreneur and very seldom to we stumble upon Individuals that are living what they actually write. Dave Arnold is a perfect example of someone who practices what he preaches because he is a genuine Leader. I had the fortunate privilege to be one of the few that got an advance copy of Dave’s book and just reading it inspired me to do great things in 2014 with a few projects that I have under my belt.

Honestly if you are expecting God to do something for you, you also have to do something to make it possible and that means you actually have to Do something.

In this Interview you are going to find out the following;

  1. Who this Book was written for
  2. How to Recognize your Destiny Deterrents
  3. How this book helps Entrepreneurs make all things possible
  4. The Book Bonuses
  5. How to Connect with Dave and get coaching from him

If you are looking to take your life, business, or family to the next level and truly do it this time, this book is absolutely for you.

You can get Dave’s Previous Book (Pilgrims of the Alley) Here.

Get Dave Book Its Possible Here

Go to Dave’s Book Launch Page Here (Get the Bonuses, you will love them)

Question: What questions do you have for Dave when it comes to his Title (Its Possible)

Lincoln R Parks

Lincoln R Parks

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Lincoln R Parks


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Everytime I open this book I find the answers to things I'm looking for. - 2 days ago
Lincoln R Parks
  • Loren Pinilis

    I enjoyed this interview, Lincoln. I particularly liked what he said about waking up in his early 30’s and wondering if his current life was all there is. I think a lot of people get to that point – I know I did.

    • Lincoln Parks

      Thanks Loren. That was my most favorite part of the Interview because I have felt the same way. Thank you for sharing that.

  • floyd

    Great interview! Dave is a great guy and I highly recommend the book as well. I completely agree with the true gift of life is now, not to live for the weekends or retirement. That isn’t the abundant life that our Savior gave us!

    • Lincoln Parks

      Thanks Floyd.. The book is awesome and I do know that Dave is doing great things.

  • Jason Pockrandt

    How did you know that you “found your voice” Dave?

    • Lincoln Parks

      Good question Jason. From knowing Dave, I know its because of what he is doing now. He’s passionate about it.

  • TCAvey

    Great interview! Thanks, guys. God bless you both. Keep up the good work.

    • Lincoln Parks

      Thanks TC for stopping by.