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How God uses us where we are

How God uses us where we are

Over the past few weeks I haven’t really been that consistent with Blogging because I believe that God is working in me to blog about something different in this post. Sitting here writing this blog post now, something is telling me that nobody will want to read this and it has totally nothing to do with Entrepreneurship and solving people’s problems, but I am going to keep writing because these are not my words they are his. I want to share with you a video that I watched not too long ago and its not by mistake that I will be sharing this with you because you were meant to see it.

Have you ever felt like you were meant to do something Bigger than what you are currently doing? Well, I have that feeling and I know that God is working something serious for me to do, (not sure just yet). However, I am going to be obedient to what I hear as I pray and bring everything to him. As you know by now I am a full-time Entrepreneur with a local Marketing company and a Network Marketing company that generate income for me.

For some reason I kept feeling like God was asking me to do something with my Businesses but I just could not put my finger on what it was. Then I watched this video below.

Then I realized that God wanted to use me where I was. He wanted me to continue what I was doing but he wanted me to let more people whom I come in contact with everyday about him through what I do. I speak with people daily making deals, and building an Organization so I do have a platform that I can use to speak about him. I have seen many people, friends and family get caught up in the fast life of what we do as Entrepreneurs but forget their blessings.

The traditional Entrepreneur stays up all night trying to figure out how to make his/her business better and how they could increase the bottom line. Burning the midnight oil to make ends meet. The Network Marketing Entrepreneur, is doing the same thing to build their Organization, and help more people earn as little as an extra $200 per month to make ends meet and more. Then I realized that God has blessed me with the talent of compassion and service. I love helping people in all aspects of what I do and now is the time to take that a bit further.

A young lady in my Organization told me that she has a vision that she had been suppressing and not letting God take over. She wants to educate young adults on Financial literacy and help to keep them off the streets or from getting into trouble. God used her to help me align what he wants me to do. God wants me to continue to use my Businesses to bless other people if they know it or not. So now I am realizing that he has put me in this very place for something special. You know what?

He has placed you where you are for that specific reason also. And that is to tell more people about him through what you do. I hope the video above helped you as much as it did me to realize that God can and will use you anywhere you are.

Question: How do you think God is using you where you are right now?

Lincoln R Parks

Lincoln R Parks

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I currently own and Operate a Local marketing Company. With this blog I want to make sure that I share my daily Journey with Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Loving Jesus. Its not easy Building Multiple Businesses, so I want to share how I live day to day.
Lincoln R Parks


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Lincoln R Parks
  • TCAvey

    So inspiring!

    No matter our talents or where we are, God wants to use us. He created us to be used for His glory.
    He needs people who are doctors, constructors, writers, missionaries, lunch ladies, and more. We are important.

    Together we are the Body of Christ. Each part is needed.

  • Bernard Haynes

    Great inspirational story. God is using me to encourage people to pursue the vision that God designed for them.

  • Loren Pinilis

    I’ve been through this before – wondering what God has for me in life. But then all of the sudden it just clicked and everything lined up. And like you, it’s him using me right where I’m at.

  • Zechariah Newman

    Great post Lincoln. I think we all have those thoughts wondering when it will be our time to step into all that God has for us. Today is the day to impact those around us. Love your heart and your message:)