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This blog is focused on the following topics, Direct Sales, Leadership and my faith. This is solely for people who want to lead a life of non-excuses and the want to take a journey with me in Direct sales & Leadership so that we can motivate, inspire and develop more professionals in our industry. I want GODLY leaders people who have faith and know without him know that you can’t and won’t go far. So people are afraid to talk about Faith and Business in the same sentence, I’m not and won’t hide that fact.

There is a true thin line when it comes to how you as a Leader should run your Business or Organization. Many of the people I meet are afraid to talk about GOD in the same sentence as their business because they feel that they will run people off in fear of their faith. That is absolutely the craziest thing I’ve ever heard, and I won’t deny him the right to guide my decisions concerning faith, family and business. So how exactly do you find the Balance? Should I be concentrating more on my business, my family or my faith? Trust me, many people have that question.

I found myself literally obsessed with my Business! I thought about my business day in and day out.

  1. How will I increase the bottom line?
  2. How can I train more people effectively?
  3. How can I lead by example?
  4. How much income will I generate this month?
  5. How many people I have to train, and keep happy?

All these questions were going through my mind and I just could not figure them out. All I thought about was my business and in the meantime GOD and my family were suffering. Lots of Artists “THANK GOD” when they get their Grammy award on stage, and lots of people post Thanks to GOD on Facebook, twitter and all the social media sites which is TRULY and really great. But speaking for myself, how much time am I really spending on him? Am I fulfilling God’s plan for my life through my business and living Godly principles on a daily basis? For me a few months ago, that was ABSOLUTELY NOT the case.

I needed to learn Balance and I needed to put GOD first, my family second and then my Business third. I had things totally re-arranged which my business first, family second and GOD third. Ouch, that won’t work. So here are some things that I did to get back on the right track.

  1. I prayed – I asked God to take over my heart, where were my priorities? I asked him to guide and order my steps daily. Not just talk about it, be a TRUE servant of his to do his will for my life.
  2. I spoke with my family – My wife and I sat down and decided on a course of action to take and how we were going to sow seeds in to other people’s lives and stop worrying about our own. We decided to focus on GOD first in our Marriage then each other and our daughter. We decided that it was time to let our light shine bright.
  3. Took more of an active role in Church – My wife and I stepped out on faith and did some things that truly stretched us, and because of our faith, GOD has put us in a place (Relevant Church) and surrounded us with people who are totally Awesome!
  4. I read my bible more – No I’m not a bible scholar, nor do I know how to whiz to all the chapters in the bible and quote verses on command, but I took a more vested interest in reading on what and how GOD wanted me to learn. So I took to and started a few bible plans. You should check it out, I downloaded the blackberry app for my phone.
  5. I stopped and listened – God was speaking to me, but I was not listening. He told me to Everyday read his word, tell others about him, and study and he will provide the rest. He will allow me to sow into others in ways I could not imagine. He would do all the remaining tasks for me.

Everyday I plan to sow a seed into someone’s life and if it’s through my business I will make sure that they know GOD should come first and then everything else is after. Many of us in Direct sales only focus on our business and something goes lacking. Don’t do what I did, learn from my mistakes and I hope this post helped someone out that is struggling where I did.

Question: Have you struggled with anything like this before? How did you turn things around? Was this helpful or know someone it could help? Please share this post with others.

Lincoln R Parks

Lincoln R Parks

Owner of @WebMobileFusion at Lincoln Parks Inc.
I currently own and Operate a Local marketing Company. With this blog I want to make sure that I share my daily Journey with Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Loving Jesus. Its not easy Building Multiple Businesses, so I want to share how I live day to day.
Lincoln R Parks


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Lincoln R Parks
  • Anonymous

    Having a balance is key. many people are afraid of putting their faith into their work but God calls us to intermix our faith and professional life. Taking time to connect with God will lead to having all other areas become successful. Great post!!!

    • Lincoln Parks

      Yes, I’ve noticed that so many people are afraid to express their faith in Business. Have you read the book God is my CEO? I think every Entrepreneur should. Thanks for the comment Dan.