Do you have a Plan B? pt 2

Many people have many reasons why they are unable to start a business or sow into their own lives or their children’s lives, or they just don’t know what they want and its YOUR duty as a Network marketer to show them how they can realize that dream, REMOVE money as an obstacle out of their way and achieve their dreams and goals. Here are some reasons why most won’t take action on that Plan B..

You know I was reading a Blog Post from Michael Hyatt on the topic Plan B and his was totally different from mine, I didn’t even have an idea he was blogging about the same thing but in a different manner which is also Very important. He blogged on You personally having your own Plan A, but God’s Plan for your life is the plan you should follow. It’s a great read and you should read it here.

Now how does that relate to the industry of Network Marketing and you deciding how to help people through this industry or if you should get started with this industry.

  1. I don’t have the money to start a business. How can I do this? – Many people will say that they don’t have the money to get started in this industry, but my thought is if you TRULY want something to change for you, you have to change. That same person will go out the following day and buy a 70 inch flat screen television on credit. So we have to determine if they truly want change.
  2. I am not a sales person, and I absolutely dislike being sold – Nobody likes to be sold anything, and I absolutely do not either. The reason why most potential partners feel like this is because they were not properly introduced to the opportunity, and they have not attached their reason why they want to become apart of a movement. Your opportunity needs to be what THEY want, not what you want for them.
  3. I don’t know anyone, nobody will support me – Do you recommend movies, restaurants to friends and family? Well, the same thing applies here but we just need to teach you how to invite effectively and properly. Remember, most Network marketers don’t attend any sort of professional training which is why most don’t professionally market.
  4. I hate to be rejected by others, I ball into a fetal position when I am rejected. – Rejection is a state of mind, I’ve actually never been rejected personally and it’s because I know how to extract what I want out of someone and this just goes along with learning the proper questioning techniques. If we can teach you how to effectively ask HOT button questions, you can determine if this person is someone you want to work with at all.

Question: Do you feel you need a Plan B? What are you looking to accomplish with a Plan B? THE COMPANY I REPRESENT

Lincoln R Parks

Lincoln R Parks

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