5 Principles on How to manouver in traffic?

I am not a great Leader at all and I am not ashamed to say that because I still have so much to learn. However, the only thing that I can do is Lead myself and my family and in my business, led like there is no tomorrow and do the things that others are not willing to do. I suck when it comes to Leading others but everyone knows that no matter what it is that I do, I do 100%. So how do you maneuver with all the traffic and noise?

I try to make sure that I keep a safe distance away from the noise and traffic that can usually distract you when you are trying to attain a Goal. Some of you are embarking on a Goal Setting Journey with me and I think its going to be the best transparent way to show you are committed. As mentioned I always Push myself to the limits in whatever it is that I do. I go 100% all the time and give ALL my effort into succeeding.

When you start your Network Marketing business, you are going to be faced with so much traffic and noise it can be very distracting for you and usually most just give up on their dreams because of it.So how should you overcome the noise and the traffic?

  1. Stay away from negative people – You must always separate yourself from people who are just so Negative. If they have nothing positive to say. I usually walk away.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people – I just got back from my companies National Convention in New Orleans and just by surrounding myself with all the positive people faces, friends it gives you a new renewed sense of vigor. Everyone needs to constantly be uplifted and you are the sum of the 5 people you hang around the most, so upgrade your friends.
  3. Go do something  – Instead of always talking about what you are going to do and how you are going to do it, why not go do something? Why not stop all the planning, and preparing and go do something. You will be surrounded by people who all they do is talk about what they are going to do, and always want to find out how your business is growing, but they never do anything for themselves. I’ve seen that if you consistently hang around these people, you most likely will fall into the same trap of not doing anything at all.
  4. Work with the people who deserve not need – Only work with those people who want to work with you. Why worry about the people who you have laid out a foundation for and still do not do anything. Even the almighty GOD said if you step toward me, I will step toward you. So you need to learn how to work where you are deserved and not needed. Some people know exactly what they need to do, but still don’t because of fear or some unknown reason, but yet they still don’t seek help. You need to teach people how to deserve your time. You give them a step, if they do, then you step.
  5. Set your sail – You must set your sail when so you can find out where you are going. My mentor Jim Rohn says that the same wind blows on us all. The wind of opportunity, the wind of disaster, and distractions and they will come, so it’s not the blowing of the wind that determines how  you avoid traffic, it’s the set of your sail.

So if wish to make a change, and you want to start doing it today so that the next 2 years can be drastically different for you, you can do it.. But you have to keep these five things in mind, and make the change day by day, week by week, and year by year. It won’t be easy..

Question: Do you feel like I do everyday where we need to bob and weave through traffic in order to keep moving forward?

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